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Why Do Commercial Roofs Have Gravel?

Why Do Commercial Roofs Have Gravel

Gravel is used for protection against UV rays, and fire resistance, and to add weight to stabilize the roofing material.

Gravel on commercial roofs serves multiple purposes…

  1. Weight Distribution – It evenly distributes the weight of rooftop equipment, preventing damage to the roofing membrane and underlying structure.
  2. Wind Uplift Resistance – Gravel ballast provides extra resistance against wind uplift, securing the roofing membrane during high winds.
  3. UV Protection – Gravel shields the roofing membrane from UV radiation, extending its lifespan by reducing weathering and deterioration.
  4. Fire Resistance – Non-combustible gravel enhances the roof’s fire resistance, acting as a barrier against the spread of flames.
  5. Thermal Mass – Gravel’s thermal mass properties help regulate temperature fluctuations on the roof surface, stabilizing indoor temperatures and reducing energy consumption.
  6. Aesthetics – Beyond functionality, gravel ballast can enhance the roof’s appearance, giving it a uniform, finished look that blends well with the surrounding landscape.

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