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What Is Phased Roofing?

What Is Phased Roofing?

Phased roofing is an approach to roofing projects where the work is divided into multiple phases or stages over time, rather than completing the entire project at once.

Overview of Roof Phasing…

  • Purpose – Phased roofing allows owners to address roofing needs in stages, minimizing disruption and costs. Typically used for complex projects where replacing an entire roof at once is not feasible.
  • Process – it involves dividing the roof into sections and repairing them sequentially. This allows for prioritization of the areas in the worst condition while leaving others for future phases.
  • Benefits – Phased roofing saves costs and minimizes disruptions to building occupants by allowing expenses to be budgeted over time and work to be spread out over multiple phases, respectively.
  • Considerations – Phased roofing requires careful planning, scheduling, and communication with contractors to ensure a seamless transition between stages and maintain the integrity of the roofing system. Safety protocols must also be followed for successful projects.

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