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What Is A Mansard On A Roof?

A mansard roof, also known as a mansard style or simply a mansard, is a distinctive type of roof characterized by its two slopes on each of its four sides. These slopes are typically steeply pitched on the lower part of the roof and much shallower or nearly flat on the upper part. The lower slopes are often punctuated by dormer windows.

Features of a Mansard Roof

  1. Double Slopes – A mansard roof has two slopes on each of its sides. The lower slope is steeper, while the upper slope is shallower or nearly flat.
  2. Dormer Windows – Mansard roofs frequently feature dormer windows, which are vertically placed windows that project from the roof’s slope. These dormers provide additional living space or allow for more natural light in the attic or upper floor.
  3. Decorative Elements – Mansard roofs are often adorned with decorative features, such as ornate trim, brackets, and moldings, especially along the roofline and around dormer windows.
  4. French Origin – The mansard roof style has French origins and was popularized during the 17th century by the French architect François Mansart, after whom the style is named.

Mansard roofs have been used in various architectural styles, including Second Empire, French Renaissance, and some Victorian styles. They are known for their aesthetic appeal and the extra living or storage space they provide within the attic or upper levels of a building.

Mansard roofs can be found on historic buildings, particularly in Europe and the United States, where they were commonly used in the 19th century. They continue to be used in contemporary architecture, especially in the context of preserving historic architecture or for creating a unique and eye-catching design element in new construction.


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