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Can You Put A Metal Roof Over A Tar And Gravel Roof?

Can You Put A Metal Roof Over A Tar And Gravel Roof

Metal Roof Over Tar and Gravel: It’s possible, but requires a structural assessment and proper installation techniques.

It typically requires careful planning and preparation to ensure a successful installation. Here are some considerations…

  1. Roof Inspection: Before installing a metal roof over a tar and gravel roof, conduct a thorough inspection of the existing roof to assess its condition. Look for signs of damage, deterioration, or moisture problems that may need to be addressed before proceeding with the metal roof installation.
  2. Structural Support: Metal roofing is generally lightweight compared to other roofing materials, ensure that the existing roof structure can support the additional weight of the metal roof.
  3. Surface Preparation: The surface of the tar and gravel roof should be cleaned and prepared before installing the metal roof. This may involve removing any loose gravel, debris, or old roofing materials, and repairing any damaged areas of the roof substrate.
  4. Underlayment: Depending on the condition of the existing roof and local building codes, it may be necessary to install a layer of underlayment over the tar and gravel roof before installing the metal roofing panels. The underlayment provides an additional layer of protection against moisture and helps to create a smooth, even surface for the metal roof installation.
  5. Installation Method: There are several methods for installing a metal roof over a tar and gravel roof, including using battens, purlins, or direct attachment to the roof deck. The best method will depend on factors such as the roof’s slope, condition, and the type of metal roofing being installed.
  6. Flashing and Sealants: Proper flashing and sealants should be used around penetrations, edges, and transitions to ensure a watertight seal and prevent leaks. Pay close attention to details such as chimneys, vents, skylights, and roof edges to ensure proper waterproofing and weatherproofing.

Consult with a roofing professional to determine the most appropriate installation method for your specific situation.


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